If you drive a smaller passenger vehicle but tend to haul long, large, or unwieldy cargo, don’t put your paint job at risk. There is a simple and inexpensive hack that can protect your car and your cargo when transporting items in the trunk. Pool noodle “trunk bumpers” can eliminate contact between your cargo and your paint job, protecting them both from damage.

Purchase a standard pool noodle in the color of your choice. Then, cut the noodle in half vertically to create two open-faced semicircle bumpers. Cut the halves horizontally to the length you need to protect your trunk and bumper. Attach the pool noodles to your trunk and bumper before you plan on carrying cargo that won’t allow your trunk to fully close.

The pool noodle bumpers will rest comfortably on the cargo you’re carrying, protecting it and your vehicle from scratches in the paint. Carefully strap the trunk shut and you’re on your way!