Air conditioning vents provide cool air during the summer months, but in the winter they can let in cold drafts. You should not block them permanently, because you’ll need the vents again when the weather gets warm, but we’ve crafted a temporary solution to help you avoid the cold breeze.

Measure your vents to see how long and wide they are. Then, head to the hardware store to find the plastic drainage dishes that sit on the bottom of flower pots to catch the water. Pick out the right size and get one for each vent in your home.

Next, invest in removable weather stripping. It usually comes in a caulking gun and can work as a temporary fix that will peel off easily at the end of the season. Squeeze a thin layer around the edge of the vent register and attach the plastic saucer to the adhesive. You’ll instantly have a functional draft cover to keep out the cool air.