While there is a long list of “to-do” items during the homebuying process, it is wise not to let your clients wait until after the sale is final to invest in a home inspection. If your buyers have a choice, there are more advantages to having the inspection in advance.

Full Knowledge of the Home

You want your clients to be as educated about their new home as possible. Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to big investments like real estate. With the facts that come from a thorough inspection, your clients can take the steps required to move forward.

If you represent the sellers, they can make appropriate repairs before they put the home on the market. This will help them identify the underlying cause for any problems with the property. In some cases, your client may not have been aware of the problem.

If you represent the buyer, it goes without saying that getting to know the home they are about to buy before they buy it is critical. Surprises aren’t fun when they involve costly repairs.

When to Hire a Contractor and When to DIY

Does your client like taking on home improvement projects? If the homeowner conducts a pre-listing inspection, he or she can take care of some projects ahead of time. It is, however, important that any repairs or updates need to be in line with city and state code. The home is about to be inspected and appraised by professionals. A less than solid DIY job can end up costing the client more in the long run unless they truly know what they are doing.

Sometimes the best advice for your clients is to hire a professional who is licensed, insured and bonded.

Pricing the Home Correctly

There are a lot of different factors that come into play when it comes to pricing real estate. You have to look at comparative pricing and then at the issues that the next owners have to fix. When you have an inspection finished in advance, you can take any findings into account and apply them to the price of the home.

Home Buyers Prefer Pre-Listing Inspections

Most buyers go into buying a home assuming that they will have to conduct an inspection. If your client already had an inspection and has the details readily available, this is a selling point for most buyers.

When it comes to listing your client’s home, a pre-listing inspection is one tool that you can use to your advantage. We would like to earn your trust and be the inspection company you recommend to others.