The Purpose of a 1-year Warranty Inspection

1 – year warranty inspection is to enable you to identify any major defects that may be present in your newly constructed home. The builder will normally be responsible for amending any such defects that may be noted before the one-year builder warranty expires. You are probably asking yourself, why should I have this inspection performed?

Our experience in this industry informs us that many construction flaws will normally go unnoticed for a period of between three and five years. At this point, choosing to correct the flaws will normally cost you thousands of dollars, all of which will have to come from your pocket, as the contractor can no longer be held liable.

Truth be told, it is unfortunate that such flaws go for such a long period without being noticed, and only come to light when too much time has elapsed, and extensive damage has already occurred. At ABC Inspections, we advise our clients to have the inspection carried out between the tenth and eleventh month.

At the tenth or eleventh month of ownership, the contractor will still be legally responsible for many of the defects that may be noted. Ask yourself, did your contractor contact you to remind you that the one-year warranty is almost expiring? Sadly, most contractors do not offer this courtesy to their clients.

The Goal of Our Warranty Inspection Service

The goal of our warranty inspection service is to assist you to mitigate this risk. We also aim to help you avoid costly repairs that may arise in the future, repairs and costs that could have been avoided had your newly constructed home been inspected. In our inspection, the inspectors will take a look at all the critical systems in your residence.

This will include testing all available mechanical systems, as well as their accompanying components. We make it a point to note all the defects we come across in a report, which you can then hand over to your contractor. We strongly believe that this 1-year warranty inspection is the last chance to confirm that everything in your new home is functioning as it should. It is the only way for you to get peace of mind, after having invested a lot of your time, energy, and resources in getting the new family home completed.

Common Defects We Find in Newly Constructed Homes

As mentioned earlier, we make it a point to look at all the crucial systems in the residence. Some of the common defects that we normally find include:

  • Structural issues
  • High levels of dangerous gases, e.g., radon
  • Missing insulation
  • Sinking foundation

Why Should You Have a 1-Year Warranty Inspection Done in Your Home

Here at ABC Inspections LLC, we believe these are the most important reasons why you should consider having the residence inspected between the tenth and eleventh month:

  • All human beings are prone to make mistakes. It is very rare for us to inspect a residence and not find a defect or two.
  • When you have a certified inspection, you get to obtain a professional perspective on the status of your recent investment
  • The inspection report handed over to you at the end of the inspection will contain specifics on all the issues that have been noted. Given that the report thoroughly documents all the inspector’s findings, you will be able to hand it over to the contractor who will then have to repair or replace all the defective items that have been mentioned in the report’s summary.
  • We include high-resolution pictures depicting all the areas that are of concern, and which should be attended to immediately.
  • At ABC inspections LLC, we provide all our clients with a price guarantee. This is to ensure that we will provide you with the best inspection services for the price quoted.

At ABC Inspections, we are committed to providing you with outstanding service. We’re highly experienced and extremely thorough.

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