A Home Inspection Is A Thorough Visual Examination Of The Home.

We will prepare your Home Inspection Report with easy-to-read details on:
  • The condition of every major component from the roof to the basement
  • Major and minor deficiencies
  • Any major expenditures necessary
  • What to watch out for
  • Helpful home preservation tips
  • Safety concerns
  • And much more

Finding a home is a hard task, but even a harder task is finding a home that gives you the worth of every penny invested in it.

The home inspection ensures that you get a better home from a good deal by giving you guidelines on the best ways of purchasing a home.

A home inspection is a reliable and efficient option should you desire a home that if free from system break down emergencies and unnecessary countless repairs.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection can be defined as the examinations of the house given its present appearance as well the condition keeping into consideration the evaluation that will lead into the determination of the house is free from repairs of its installed system in a home at a given time.
The purpose of a home inspection is to identify situations that might turn out to be unsafe, hazardous, pose a significant deficiency or they are not as good as they used to be.
It is usually done with a highly trained personnel with the necessary skills required for proper inspection.

During home inspections, components like roof, structure, exterior, electrical system, heating and air conditioning system, plumbing system, insulation and vapor barriers, interior, mechanical and natural ventilation systems are part of the included areas.

Types of Home Inspections

Home Buyers Inspections

This is where an inspector is hired by the purchaser of the property to help point out outstanding defects and other problems in order to arrive at an informed decision about the condition of the house and the number of needed repairs to be incurred.

Home Sellers Inspection

The home seller hires an inspector to get to know the major problems of the house which might be chosen to be shared with the buyer and for the necessary repairs to be made for quicker sales.

Forclosure Inspection

Besides professional home inspectors who qualify to do this kind of inspection, other inspectors referred to as certified field inspectors and certified property preservation specialists are welcomed as well. It is also referred to as real estate owned.

Four Point Inspection

This majorly focuses on roofing, HVAC, plumbing and electrical system as directed by the insurance company before issuing insurance to the homeowners and is required to home which is 20-25 years or older.

Disaster Inspection

It is done after a natural disaster like hurricanes, earthquakes leave many buildings damaged. The inspection is documented for payments by the government in relation to disaster relief.

There are more examples of home inspections which vary in relation to needs, preferences, and locality.

Importance of Home Inspection

It ensures you get the perfect home

The decision to buy a home is one of the most expensive investments of your life. A home inspection ensures that a costly mistake of purchasing a home that needs massive and major repairs is avoided.

A home may look as perfect as your dream home, but it is the home inspector’s responsibility to unravel the unknown disasters before it gets too late.

It avoids extra incurrence of expenses in future

Home inspection lets you know of the condition of the house as well as other systems involved including electrical and plumbing.

With the knowledge of this, the home inspection will, therefore, ensure that your near future is not filled with emergency breakdowns and repairs after every fortnight.

It enables the planning of expenses

When you have done a thorough home inspection, the findings will be presented to you giving you the choice of action.

Whatever action that is taken, there will be a complete layout of what to expect in relation to the house.

It gives the value for the worth of the home

If you are considering selling a home, the inspection will enable you to gauge the perfect price given the necessary repairs done or stated.

A buyer will also benefit in the sense that they won’t be charged extra that it is necessary given the detailed information of the inspector.

The Duration of House Inspection

Averagely, an inspection of the home should take 2-3 hours but the general time taken is subject to a number of things that may include:
  • Size of the home
  • Number of systems to be inspected
  • Condition and age of the property
  • The present weather condition of the environment
  • How accessible the areas to be inspected are
  • The number of questions the inspector has to answer from the client

What are the kinds of questions you should ask during home inspections?


The home inspector should have a valid inspection license not only for your safety as a homeowner but also to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the work

Is the home inspector working for your real estate agent?

The home inspector should not be working for your real estate agent as the information that will be given to you will be selected in a way that it persuades you into the contract in an untruthful way. If you are paying for an inspector, you deserve your own and the truth.

Find out about their skill, education, and experience
This is to ensure you are comfortable with the kind of work and investment you are about to entrust the person with given their qualifications. Always feel free to turn around should the inspector seem inefficient

Ask clarifications and explanations where necessary

If you haven’t understood any particular concept, you can ask again. Have them use different means of explanations for you to understand.

What happens after home inspections?

Once an inspection report has been delivered to the potential home buyer, a smart decision has to be arrived at considering the amount of repairs.

The structural and cosmetic condition of the home is reviewed and then the buyer decides if the repairs are serious or minor to discontinue or go ahead and purchase it.

The buyer may request the seller to make the necessary repairs or specific items as inclined.

Home buying is a larger investment in life and home inspection is there to make it worth the shot by ensuring that your dimes and dollars are not deposited in a grinder.

By providing with the perfect guidelines on the choice of the home and verifying your options to your advantage as a buyer as well as a seller, a home inspection is as important as the investment itself.

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